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Who we are and what we do...

The Story

An East Kent based training company, recognising the need for a different kind of education in Swale and beyond.

Once upon a time, as a member of school staff asked where I wanted to work, I told her and she said to me 'you will never get in there!'  I wasn't that confident then, but I decided to ignore that anyway.  I started work 'there' a few months later.  

- Lenny Bell, Founder


Tired of being told 'you won't get in there!', or 'you can't do that'?  I'm with you.  Instead of listening to that rubbish, we can help you achieve what you want to achieve, not what others say you can't.   Our staff, qualified in teaching and IT, will help see you through your journey.

Our highly qualified tutors welcome learners of all ages over 16+ 

Sick of the classroom?

College not for you?  

Next Wave can offer you a unique learning experience.  Our approach is 'you can do this' and we consider the whys, wherefores and hows of learning.  With experience in airlines, language work, school teaching, IT systems analysis and management, IT Apprenticeship training to name a few, we offer personalised training to each and every one of our learners, young or older, beginner or just lacking in confidence.  

Start your IT, Business and Confidence Building journey with us today!  Contact us today  using our contact form.

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