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Mind the Gap

We all know about the huge gap in IT learning - it's a travesty!  IT is everywhere, in everything and rushing by us like a train at high speed. 

We need to grow with it.  

Next Wave Training Ltd can help bridge the gap for your learners.

What can we offer your school?

Cyber Security Talk

We will visit your classes and introduce learners to the concept of cyber security in everyday as well as business situations.  Fun activities and takeaways to engage and embed the concepts.  Learn how to protect yourself and other and maybe turn it into a career.

Careers in IT Motivation Talks

Direct from the professionals who have 'been there' and 'done that' and still are!  We will visit your school and teach your learners how to 'get there' in the first place.  From cyber security to information analysis, there are opportunities for everyone.

You're not using IT efficiently!

We have lost count of how many teachers and managers still count from a piece of paper - forget where they were - and start again.  We will train you and rescue you from time-wasting in the process, not to mention increasing your skillset.

Help your students to login to new opportunities

STEM learning is important - so many businesses and global opportunities rely on science and IT.  So, how will you help your students understand the opportunities STEM can offer?  Exposure is the best way, but with the huge gap in IT teaching and learning how are you going to do that?  Maybe you have a STEM week at your school?

We run STEM days in IT which offers students an experience in using and working in various areas of IT, from cyber security to project management.  Talk to us for more information.

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