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Happy Man

Positive Assertiveness

Learn how to deal with  difficult situations, whether family members, colleagues or simply preparing for interviews.  You have it in you, we can help bring it out.  Come out of hiding and shine!​  Click on the image to contact us.

How will this help build confidence?

If you have some issues with communication at home or at work, or have an interview coming up, this course is for you.  Empower yourself by improving your use of language to ensure you maintain control over your confidence, self-esteem and ultimately, your rightful place in the world.

Learn about your rights in the workplace, how to handle difficult situations and, let's face it, difficult people.  We all have to deal with them at some point in our lives.  It isn't about what you say, the power lies in how you say it, your knowledge and the tools you employ to communicate.  

Even if you suffer with social anxiety, which is something we know all about here at Next Wave Training, you can still learn to successfully work in a team.

We will arm you with the right toolbox to take on the world!

Click here to contact us and find out more

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