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GCSE German

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Moin! Servus! Guten Tag!  

Yes, these are all German greetings.  I bet you didn't know that?  German is the second most spoken language in Europe.*

German has a rich history and is closely linked to English, as are most of the European languages of Scandinavia, Holland, France and Italy.  However, German has a few similarities with our grammar where we as a nation have thrown some out but kept some too, although not in their original form.  German grammar is demanding as it is based on gender, but once you master gender you can learn the grammar from simple tables.  Learn with us and build your confidence in learning German.

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Language Specialists

With over 30 years experience speaking German professionally in the airlines and experience in teaching GCSE, Next Wave Training Ltd is your best friend when it comes to learning German.  University level qualified. 


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