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Image by Lukas Blazek



  • Learn how to use a spreadsheet correctly.

  • Learn what a spreadsheet is 'NOT'

  • Navigate the spreadsheet page

  • Colour in your columns

  • Add, remove and hide columns or rows

  • Basic sum principles

  • Set up a simple chart

  • Using data bars in colour

  • Using links to go to another spreadsheet

  • Locking and protecting cells

  • Set up a data table

  • Copy your chart or table to a Word processing document


  • Learn how to lookup data in another spreadsheet and place it in your table, in seconds!

  • Make and manage a pivot table

  • Use goal seek to match your target figure

  • Using useful formulas (formulae)

  • Using Visual Basic programming to enhance your document

  • Other bespoke formulae you think could help you

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