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Business English (EAL)

Face to Face - groups only

Have you given your non-native English speaking staff the best opportunity to enrich your business - or have you just left them to it?

Your business depends on your staff communications with your customers, as well as bringing in new business.  Business English covers many of the everyday language situations staff will have to deal with - saving them time in learning things they should know already.  In addition, they will learn the business skills for how to work in a British company from experts in business and IT administration.

Do you know how much your staff language is affecting your business?  Giving them the best opportunities gives your business the best opportunities too.  Click here or on the image for more information.

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Language Specialists

With over 30 years experience speaking and teaching languages, we are also qualified and experienced in teaching ESOL and Business English.  We are passionate about language and communication.

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