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What will I learn?

Brand-new qualifications for the jobs market.
Get your staff up-skilled now to stay ahead in business!

  • Essential Digital Skills Qualification for Work (EDSQ) - Entry Level 3 

  • Essential Digital Skills Qualification for Work (EDSQ) - Level 1


Entry level 3 and Level 1 Essential Digital Skills for Work (EDSQ) qualifications are for learners in England aged 16 -19 and for adults, aged 19+ (employed or unemployed) with no or low digital skills.

The EDSQs are mapped to the Department of Education’s national standards for basic digital literacy and cover five fundamental skill areas to give every adult the digital know-how for using devices safely and with confidence within the workplace, digital is now essential for most jobs today, across every sector and at every level (construction, retail, hospitality, healthcare, warehouse and delivery to name a few).  There are discounts available for company bulk bookings for these courses.  See the list below for what's on offer then find out more by using our contact form.

All our accredited course options:

  •         ICDL (previously ECDL)

  •         ITQ

  •         Essential Digital Skills

  •         Digital Functional Skills

  •         BCS Level 1 Smart Digital Award in E-Safety

  •         BCS Level 2 Digital Pathways - IT Administrators and e-Safety

  •         BCS Level 3 Certificate in IT User Skills (ICDL Advanced) (ITQ)

  •         BCS Level 4 Digital Modular Programme

  •         BCS Level 1 Robotics Award - FOR SCHOOLS 

  •         BCS Level 2 Thinking as a Coder Award

  •         Higher Education Qualifications (HEQ) - a great alternative to University

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